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A Brokk Authorized Service Company
Atlas Copco Authorized Service Dealer

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  • The only Brokk Authorized Repair Shop other than Brokk Inc.
  • 15 years of intensive experience with Brokk
  • Keep your Brokk running with maximized efficiency and minimal downtime
  • Meticulous preventative maintenance program
  • Maintenance and Repairs performed accurately and thoroughly the first time
  • Atlas Copco Authorized Service Dealer
  • Reseals valve bodies,  performs rewiring, welding and fabrication
  • The one stop shop for your Brokk equipment care

Who We Are

We are the only Brokk authorized service and repair company, other than Brokk Inc, in the United States. We service the Northeast, South, Midwest and are exploring entry into Canada. We service all models of Brokk equipment on-site or in one of our shops.

Our Mission

It is the mission of North East Brokk Repairs, LLC to ensure that every owner/operator of Brokk equipment, where Brokk Inc. is the leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines, is extraordinarily satisfied with the equipment’s reliability and its contribution to our customers’ bottom line.

Our Vision

It is North East Brokk Repairs, LLC vision to meet or exceed Brokk, Inc. reliability specifications as defined by the manufacturer while the equipment is under warranty, and even beyond warranty.

Brief History

North East Brokk Repairs was originally incorporated in NY in 2013. In 2014 the company moved to Florida to better address our customers’ needs. North East Brokk Repairs is fully registered and insured. The board is currently considering various R&D opportunities and expansion into servicing Canadian customers. In 2015 the company restructured to an LLC and moved into a larger shop that is centrally located within the shipping corridor of Jacksonville, FL.



North East Brokk Repairs, LLC is truly the one stop shop for your Brokk, Inc. equipment care. Every single aspect of these machines can be taken care of by us for you.  We provide our customers peace of mind.

Basically, we Brokk!

Nationally Recognized Vendors

  • Atlas Copco
  • Good Year Rubber
  • Parker Hydraulics
  • Brokk
  • Brunner & Lay
  • Radar Industries

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97-99% Satisfaction Rate

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Brokk Is #1 In The World

In the development, design, manufacture, sale and support of the most advanced, most versatile, most complete line of remote-controlled demolition machines and dedicated attachments.

Brokkology… By The Numbers


Years Since The First Brokk Machine Was Built

Brokk Machines Operating in North and South America

Brokk Machines Operating World Wide

What Our Customers Say…

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"I have been working with Beryle for a few years now. He assists us with mechanical or electrical issues that arrises w the Brokks. Beryle communicates to me via phone what needs to be done and i am able to fix the problem just by his guidance.Nobody can match Beryle patience and expertise in the field of Brokks. Our company would be at a loss without him"

Tim Edwards Aaxiom Concrete Sawing February 20, 2016

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"To start off, I have 20 years of experience in the Brokk demolition field; I have seen and worked with every type of mechanic. Beryle is, by far, the best mechanic I have dealt with in the Brokk repair field. His ability to troubleshoot a machine's problems is unparalleled.  Most of the time he can walk you through a problem over the phone. But if your machine is broke down, or needs a major overhaul, then Beryle is the one you want to fix it. He will have your machine running as good, if not better, than the day Brokk built it - And that is no understatement."

M. Brokk February 20, 2016

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We Brokk!!!

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